Players from the Connecticut Fusion, Rochester Lady Lancers, New Jersey Copa FC and New York Surf were named to to the United Women’s Soccer All-East Conference first and second teams.

All-East Conference first team

GK: Kelly O’Brien (Inferno Rush)
D: Kylee McIntosh (Connecticut Fusion)
D: Caroline Kopp (Rochester Lady Lancers)
D: Aubrey Suydam (Inferno Rush)
MF: Brooke Barbuto (Rochester Lady Lancers)
MF: Teresa Rook (Rynier) (Inferno Rush)
MF: Chanel Johnson (Connecticut Fusion)
MF: Tesa McKibben (Inferno Rush)
F: Haley Crawford (Inferno Rush)
F: Carissima Cutrona (Western New York Flash)
F: Tori Sousa (Connecticut Fusion)

All-East Conference second team

GK: Meghan Dalton (Connecticut Fusion)
D: Ashley Chilcoat (Inferno Rush)
D: Alana O’Neill (New Jersey Copa FC)
D: Taylor Groth (Long Island Rough Riders)
MF: Megan Carroll (Inferno Rush)
MF: Kelly Quigley (Connecticut Fusion)
MF: Jenna Menta (New York Surf)
F: Furtuna Velaj (New York Surf)
F: Kate Howarth (New England Mutiny)
F: Elin Eklund (Rochester Lady Lancers)
F: Kayla Saager (Long Island Rough Riders)

Iron women of the year (Players who played every minute of every match)

Tesa McKibben (Inferno Rush)
Stephanie Santos (Connecticut Fusion)
Caroline Kopp (Rochester Lady Lancers)
Brooke Barbuto (Rochester Lady Lancers)
Kylee McIntosh (Connecticut Fusion)
Lysianne Proulx (New England Mutiny)

UWS team of the week selections (combined by team)

Connecticut Fusion:
GK: Meghan Dalton (Week X)
DEF: Kylee McIntosh (Week IV)
MID: Rachel Morrier (Week I, Week II), Chanel Johnson (Week II hon., Week IV, Week IX), Hayley Nolan (Week III)
FOR: Tori Sousa (Week I hon. mention, Week III hon. mention, Week X)

Inferno Rush:
GK: Kelly O’Brien (Week V)
DEF: Ashley Chilcoat (Week VIII, Week IX hon. mention)
MID: Theresa Rook (Rynier) (Week III hon. mention, Week VIII, Week X), Kendra Jones (Week VII hon. mention)
FOR: Tesa McKibben (Week III), Haley Crawford (Week IX)

Long Island Rough Riders:
GK: Kelsey Daugherty (Week VIII)
DEF: Kaitlin Loughren (Week IX), Taylor Groth (Week X)
FOR Kayla Saager (Week VI hon. mention)

New England Mutiny:
GK: Lysianne Proulx (Week I)
DEF: Elena Santos (Week I hon. mention), Brittany Champagne (Week VI), Chantelle Swaby (Week IX)
FOR: Sydney Brackett (Week IV)

New Jersey Copa FC:
DEF: Sydney Cummings (Week V)
FOR: Katarina Nilsson (Week VI hon. mention), Tori Baliatico (Week VIII hon. mention)

New York Surf:
GK: Jamie Block (NY, Week I hon. mention)
MID: Brooke Salmon (Week IV hon. metnion), Amy Marron (Week V hon. mention)
FOR: Furtuna Velaj (Week I, Week VI), Jenna Menta (Week VIII, Week X)

Rochester Lady Lancers:
GK: Caitie Broderick (Week V hon. mention, Week VI)
DEF: Caroline Kopp (Week X)
MID: Brooke Barbuto (Week II, Week V, Week VI hon. mention, Week IX)
FOR: Elin Eklund (Week II, Week V)

Western New York Flash:
DEF: Emma Gervase (Week VII)
FOR: Carissima Cutrona (Week II), Jamie Boyar Week VII)

Worcester Smiles:
GK: Brittany Henderson (Week III)
DEF: Jackie Feraco (WOR, Week I), Megan Gurlitz (WOR, Week I hon. mention)
MID: Sydney Fisher (Week III hon. mention)

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