BUFFALO, N.Y. — The Rochester Lady Lancers completed their second season in style, recording a 2-1 victory over the Western New York Flash at D’Youville College Saturday night.

The Lady Lancers (17 points), who went winless in their maiden campaign in 2007, finished with a 5-3-2 mark. Western New York (5-5-0, 15) completed its season in fifth place.

Rochester had been in contention for the second and final East Conference post-season spot, but needed several results to go its way. They didn’t go the team’s way as the squad missed out on goal differential to the second-place Long Island Rough Riders (5-3-2, 17). Long Island had a plus 10, Rochester a plus four.

Inferno Rush (7-3-0, 21) won the regular-season conference title.