The Met Oval will have a new surface by mid-August. (Photo courtesy of the Met Oval)

The Metropolitan Oval will be resurfaced this summer with Northeast’s first professional grade, non-infill field.

Met Oval has partnered with InBounds to install the Pure Play brand of sports turf at its Youth Center of Excellence in Queens, N.Y. Pure Play is the first non-infill synthetic turf playing surface being installed in the United States. The new playing surface at the Oval will be the first of its kind in the Northeast and third in the country.

Pure Play was developed to provide athletes with a durable, synthetic playing surface that most closely mimics the feel and playability of natural grass fields without ts limitations.

Pure Play said that its patent pending technology achieves the high-performance standard specified by FIFA, which includes shock absorption, vertical deformation, rotational resistance, ball roll and ball bounce without the need for any infill additives.

The company said that it uses an innovative type of curly yarn with a shock pad as a base. Infill turf has raised health concerns in recent years due to harmful substances transferred by crumb rubber onto players or into the environment.

The new field installation begins Tuesday, July 3 and will be completed in time for preseason in mid-August. Met Oval also will be outfitted with new professional grade soccer goals, new player dugout seating, new spectator seating, a warm-up area and new retaining walls.

“One of the cornerstones of developing elite youth talent is the environment in which they train,” Met Oval sporting director Jeffrey Saunders said. “With a commitment to professional grade facilities, staff and playing surfaces, our Youth Center of Excellence will continue to create the professional and collegiate players of tomorrow. It is our belief that such an investment in the Met Oval facility is imperative to maintain our role as a national leader in talent development.”