was honored at the Press Club of Long Island media awards dinner at the Woodbury Country Club in Woodbury, N.Y. Thursday night.

The website finished in third place in the Sports Feature category for editor Michael Lewis’ five-part series entitled, It runs In the family.

The five-part series chronicled the life of Mark Pulisic, his family and how he and his wife raised his son Christian, who plays for Borussia Dortmund and the U.S. national team.

Newsday reporter Jim Baumbach took first and second place for two separate stories in the category. He penned Helmets Optional, which took overall honors, and Thorp Winner Billy Wilson, which was runner-up.

Here are the links to the It runs in the family series:


IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY — PART I: Christian Pulisic’s father, Mark, could play the game as well


IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY — PART II: Mark Pulisic survives some tough times in Croatia


IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY — PART III: Christian Pulisic’s talent, skills were apparent early on


IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY — PART IV: The Pulisics’ German adventure


IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY — PART V: Mark Pulisic can’t believe the over the top hype for his son