Washington United Real Arsenal was victorious in the U-1 Boys National Championship Series.  (Photo courtesy of NJ Youth Soccer)

New Jersey Youth Soccer crowned its Under-15-U-18 National Championship Series, U15-U-18 Presidents Cup and U-151-6 Commissioners Cup champions last weekend.

Championship matches were played at locations throughout New Jersey.

“We are so proud of the effort from each and every one of the teams that competed in these state-wide tournaments,” NJ Youth Soccer executive director Evan Dabby said. “New Jersey is one of the most talent rich states in the country, and these competitions demonstrated a very high skill-level from both the girls and boys teams that participated.”

The U.S. Youth Soccer National Championship Series is the country’s most prestigious national youth soccer tournament, providing winners from each state the opportunity to showcase their soccer skills against the best competition in the nation while emphasizing teamwork, discipline and fair play.

The Presidents Cup is a national tournament that is designed to create a high-level competition for teams that are looking to play against teams of similar abilities, where those teams that advance will play for a regional or possibly a national title.

The Commissioners Cup is a tournament that was introduced in 2017 and hosts travel teams in the I-11 to U-14 age groups in the fall, with the U-15 and U-16 age groups participating in the spring/summer. This state-only tournament is designed to create a challenging and enjoyable event for teams that do not play in the National Championship Series or Presidents Cup.

National Championship Series Winners

U-15 Boys: MUSC STA 2003

U-15 Girls: PSA Wildcats 2003

U-16 Boys: SJEB Rush

U-16 Girls: SJEB Rush 2002 Academy Blue

U-17 Boys: Wall Soccer Club Cosmos

U-17 Girls: SJEB Rush Academy

U-18 Boys: Washington United Real Arsenal

U-18 Girls: Princeton SA

NJ Youth Soccer Presidents Cup Champions

U-15 Boys: Den of Lions Gunners

U-15 Girls: NJ Rush 2003 Grey

U-16 Boys: MUSC STA-MUSC 2002

U-16 Girls: Princeton FC Napoli

U-17 Boys: Mainland United SA SJ Futbol Club

U-17 Girls: Edison United SA 17UG Reign, East Coast Premier

U-18 Boys: Ocean United Spartans

U-18 Girls: East Coast Premier

NJ Youth Soccer Commissioners Cup Champions

U-15 Boys: Ironbound 2003 Blue Rapids

U-15 Girls: PASCO Red Devils

U-16 Girls: Old Bridge Fusion