Rocco B. Commisso has extended his deadline until the end of the month. ( Photo)

U.S. Soccer has several more days to consider Rocco B. Commisso’s offer to invest $500 million in a restructured North American Soccer League.

ESPNFC’s Jeff Carlisle reported Thursday that the Cosmos owner extended his deadline to May 31.

The original deadline was May 21.

As of Wednesday morning, Commisso said that the USSF had not answered his latest communication.

Through NASL sources, has confirmed Commisso’s comments.

“I’ve lost already $18 million,” Commisso told ESPNFC. “I’m not going to invest more money unless I know that after I invest, someone isn’t going to pull the rug out from under me. I’m just not going to do it. So I need certainty. If we fail that’s our problem. But we’re not going to go out and put hundreds of millions of dollars at risk here.”

Last year, the USSF rescinded the NASL’s Division II status. The league decided to go on a hiatus this year, but wants to return in 2019.

The NASL has since gone to court, filing an antitrust lawsuit against the federation.

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