New York soccer fan William Smith penned an ode to the Red Bulls’ 4-0 win over New York City FC in the latest edition of the Hudson River Derby Saturday.

They came from Westchester and Connecticut
Bushwick and Williamsburg too
Full of ego and contempt for the hosts
Wearing their City blue

Loud and obnoxious
You can call them arrogant as well
They were sure of victory
Until the opening whistle introduced them to hell

Two goals in 4 minutes
And three by half time
A 4-0 win by the Red Bulls
One both spectacular and sublime

Gamarra, Valot, BWP and Junior
All glorious goals!
City gave up and pulled David Villa
As they descended further into their hole

Go back to Westchester!
Or wherever City fans are kept!
Oh, the joy we felt
As their hipster fans wept!

Goodbye ironic mustaches
And skinny boy jeans
You played disgracefully
So you know what this means

New York is red!
As it always was and always will be
We play in NJ but are more NY than you
So go. Leave. Just do it quitely.