MIAMI — CONCACAF disciplinary committee said Tuesday that it doesn’t have jurisdiction to review Pereira’s caseesday announced the determination of the CONCACAF appeals committee in the case of player Chivas defender Jair Pereira.

The confederation’s appeals committee reviewed the appeal submitted by the club on Monday and determined, as per the CONCACAF Champions League regulations and the FIFA disciplinary code which govern the competition, that the committee does not have the jurisdiction to review the case.

On April 6, the CONCACAF disciplinary committee suspended Pereira for two matches, for an infraction that occurred during last week’s semifinal match against the Red Bulls.

The disciplinary committee reviewed an incident that took place in the 84th minute. Pereira was observed to commit an act of physical aggression against an opponent — grabbing the throat of Red Bulls midfielder Sean Davis — while the ball was not in play.

The appeals committee arrived at its determination in consideration of Article VII paragraph A.7 of the competition regulations, and Article 118, Paragraph c,) of the FIFA Disciplinary Code which states:

An appeal may be lodged with the appeal committee against any decision passed by the disciplinary committee, unless the disciplinary measure pronounced is: c) a suspension for fewer than three matches or of up to two months.

The first game of the suspension must be served in Tuesday nnight’s semifinal return leg against the Red Bulls at Red Bull Arena. The second match of the suspension will apply to Pereira’s subsequent match in any CONCACAF club championship.