Christen Press is back playing for Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC. (Andy Mead/YJC Photo)

U.S. international Christen Press has decided to return and play for Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC in Sweden for the time being.

Press, who decided not to play for Houston Dash after she was traded there by the Chicago Red Stars for this National Women’s Soccer League season, performed for the Swedish side in 2012.

“For reasons that are clear to me and for the betterment of my career I have chosen to play overseas this season,” Press said on Twitter. “I respect and appreciate the opportunity that Houston afforded me. Thank you to everyone supporting me through these tough decisions I’ve had to make for my career.”

Press, 29, was a fan favorite with KGFC when she recorded 17 goals in 21 games in 2012.

“Christen is one of the world’s coolest goal-scorers,” KGFC sports director Lasse Svensson said on the team’s website.

Press had signed a contract that will extend until the summer, although it may eventually turn into a longer contract.

“We’ll start this way, then we’ll see where we’re going,” Svensson said.

Press has scored 44 goals in 98 international appearances.