Port Jefferson SC was the Division 1 champions of the 2017 LISFL Joe Goldberg Memorial Indoor Tournament. (Photo courtesy of the LISFL)

The 2018 LISFL Joe Goldberg Memorial Indoor Soccer Tournament is being held February 19-25 at the Mitchel Field Indoor Sports Facility Feb. 19-25.

This is the 12th year that the tournament has been held in honor of Joe Goldberg who passed away in 2013. The tournament was named after Goldberg in recognition for his many contributions to soccer on Long Island and the league.

Games will be held from Monday, Feb. 19 thru Sunday, Feb. 25, when the tournament finals will be held. Admission is $5 for everyone (including players and coaches). Everyone will be charged the admission fee each day they attend or play in the tournament. The money collected from the admission fee is used to offset the cost of renting the facility for the tournament.

There are four brackets: Premier / Division 1, Division 2 / Division 3, Over-30, and Over-40. Game schedules and updated standings can be accessed by clicking here.

“We feel it’s a great opportunity for our players and coaches to get back to the game in preparation for the spring when the season resumes,” LISFL president Gus Xikis said. “It’s also a terrific chance for all of the soccer fans in the local area to get out for a bit and see some terrific teams and players in a very competitive tournament. We really hope some parents and coaches bring youth players to come see the games and hopefully one day they’ll play in the LISFL too!”

For directions or contact information, click here. LISFL first vice president Terry Ullendahl is the tournament chairman.

The venue is the official indoor facility of the Long Island Rough Riders.