Roman Mamotyuk has been selected as the 2017 Bob McNulty NJYS travel coach of the year.

He will be honored at New Jersey Youth Soccer’s 30th annual awards dinner Feb. 2.

“Millstone United Travel Soccer is very fortunate to have volunteer youth coaches such as coach Roman Mamotyuk,” NJYS Director of Coaching Rick Meana said. “He has set a great example not only for our youth but for our coaches.”

Over the past four years at Millstone United Travel Soccer, Mamotyuk has built a reputation as a coach through the pillars of good sportsmanship, player development, giving back to the community and promoting educational events for other coaches and parents. He also serves MUTS as a board member and volunteers with the local recreation program.

“Roman’s approach to the game is almost spiritual, in that soccer is a part of who he is,” Millstone United Travel Soccer president Gary Mason said. “It is a component of his character, and he has passed the philosophy and that spirit onto his players.”

Mamotyuk oversees three teams for MUTS at the 2006-07 age group. The core of his coaching philosophy is to be equally encouraging, responsive and attentive to each of his players, regardless of skill level. He also offers much of his time to assist with social events, community projects, clinics and workshops.

“There is no substitute or short-cut to create a rewarding and enriching environment for children to flourish,” Mamotyuk said. “It takes energy, enthusiasm and effort while being compassionate, sympathetic and having empathy for each child.”

The award is named in honor of Bob McNulty, who became the first NJYS director of coaching in 1972.