ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – The National Premier Soccer League Thursday welcomed Atlantic City Football Club as an expansion team.

The club will compete in the Northeast Region’s Keystone Conference.

ACFC, sponsored by Tropicana Atlantic City, will be led by seasoned sports professionals including Research Producer for DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket Andrew Weilgus and co-founder of and Atlantic City Fantasy Sports Nicholas Bilotta III.

“We are very excited to see the continued growth of our Keystone Conference with a great addition like Atlantic City FC,” NPSL chairman Joe Barone said. “Atlantic City is a tremendous market for soccer and we’re glad to have ACFC as part of the NPSL family.”

Weilgus was looking forward to joining the league.

“Atlantic City FC will offer a truly unique destination within the Keystone Conference,” he said. “Although Atlantic County has roughly 250,000 full-time residents, our island draws 20 million tourists a year and has world-wide brand recognition. Our partnership with the Tropicana Atlantic City will allow for an amazing destination experience for soccer fans; we enter the NPSL as the only minor league sports organization in Atlantic City.

“Our primary goal is to give our area something to rally behind and root for while doing our part to properly grow the game domestically for the benefit of our national team. We have a lot of underserved sections of Atlantic County and we hope to assist in providing them support and growth.”

The club is finalizing arrangements to host home matches at Stockton University, located in the heart of Atlantic County and about 15 miles from downtown Atlantic City.

“We believe the NPSL embodies a lot of what we want to bring to Atlantic City,” said Bilotta, the Chief Operating Officer. “Successful teams like Detroit City FC, Kingston Stockade, New Orleans Jesters, Elm City Express, and many others offered a tremendous source of inspiration for us. The community focus, the exciting experience, and the player development were all very attractive factors in our decision.”

Atlantic City mayor Don Guardian welcomed the city’s first sports team in eight years.

“Since 2009 we have been without a sports team of our own…until now,” he said. “I can tell you from personal experience that soccer really has become a popular sport here in Atlantic City, and it’s a great move by Tropicana to be fully supporting this new sports team. The Atlantic City FC will bring national recognition and economic infusion to the area. We’re thrilled to be able to root for the home team once again.”

ACFC sponsor, Tropicana Atlantic City was instrumental in the team’s creation.

“Soccer is the fastest growing sport in the country. We are happy to bring more fun and excitement to the local community and our guests as a proud sponsor of the Atlantic City FC,” Tropicana Atlantic City general manager Steve Callender said.

For more information about the Atlantic City Football Club visit or follow the club on Instagram (@AtlanticCityFC), Facebook (@AtlanticCityFC), and Twitter (@AtlanticCityFC).