Hope Solo became the ninth candidate to enter the U.S. Soccer president race. (Andy Mead/YCJ Photo)

By Michael Lewis
FrontRowSoccer.com Editor

And then there were nine.

As in nine candidates for the U.S. Soccer Federation presidency.

Hope Solo entered the fray for the presidency, announcing it on Facebook Thursday night.

The U.S. women’s national team goalkeeper became the second woman in the race, joining Soccer United Marketing president Kathy Carter, who announced her candidacy earlier in the week.

“What we have lost in America is belief in our system, in our coaches, in our talent pool, and in the governance of US Soccer,” Solo wrote on Facebook. “We now must refocus our goals and come together as a soccer community to bring about the changes we desire.

“The time for talking is over. I have been traveling internationally learning and speaking about many of these issues. I have met with foreign national soccer teams player associations and unions. I have met with presidents and members of the United Nations to discuss leadership and the importance of sport in the world order. Through all of these experiences, I have learned that it is the responsibility of those in leadership positions who have the ability to change policy to stop giving lip service to the issues, but to instead, execute and take the actions required to affect real change.

“Given the opportunity, as President of the USSF, I will make these changes. Developing players skills at all levels and in all communities in order to get the most out of our national player pool, to ultimately develop the men’s and women’s national teams into perennial world champions, should be the USSF’s number one priority.”

The seven other candidates are U.S. Soccer vice president Carlos Cordeiro, Boston attorney Steve Gans, New York lawyer Michael Winograd, United Premier Soccer League Northeast Conference manager Paul Lapointe and former U.S. internationals Eric Wynalda, Paul Caligiuri and Kyle Martino.

Incumbent Sunil Gulati has announced he will not run for a fourth consecutive term.

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