Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams (second from left), with (from left to right): Cosmos striker Raul, captain Carlos Mendes and assistant Alecko Eskandarian in 2015. ( Photo)

The Cosmos have received more support through New York City as the team hopes the North American Soccer League will remain a Division Two league in 2018.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams, New York City deputy mayor Alicia Glen and City Councilman Paul A. Vallone have backed the NASL’s efforts in letters to U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati.

The U.S. Soccer Federation has rescinded the NASL’s status as a Division Two league and the league is fighting the demotion in court.

“As Brooklyn’s borough president, one of my main priorities is to ensure the cultural and economic vitality of every corner of our diverse borough,” Adams wrote in his letter. “New York Cosmos, based in Coney Island, play an integral role in the economy of that part of Brooklyn and are an attraction for all ages to enjoy a great game of soccer.”

Adams later stated: “Removing the NASL from Division II level, and as a consequence the New York Cosmos, would make it unsustainable for them to continue to operate in Coney Island, thereby risking many jobs and creating a sporting vacuum in the process. It is imperative that they remain a part of Brooklyn’s community spirit and economic life by remaining within Division II.

Vallone represents the 19th District in Queens.

“The club’s rich history has contributed to a vibrant atmosphere with thousands of fans cheering on the Cosmos every game, and those fans deserve to keep their team,” Vallone wrote.

“With the decision to downgrade the NASL Division 2, not only will the league and teams suffer, but more importantly the fans, who have embraced this team and the sport of soccer, will suffer.”

Glen is deputy mayor for Housing and Economic Development.

“The preservation of the Cosmos as a Division 2 level club is crucial for this growth to continue,” Glen wrote, referring to the tourist season in Coney Island where the team plays its home games at MCU Park. “I ask you to maintain the Cosmos and NASL Division 2 status so that they may continue their contributions to the vibrancy of New York City.”