By Michael Lewis Editor

A decision is expected Tuesday morning on whether a temporary injunction will be given to the North American Soccer League to continue its Division 2 status for 2018.

Judge Margo K. Brodie of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York in Brooklyn, N.Y. is expected

The court is scheduled to convene at 10 a.m. today.

On Sept. 19, the NASL filed with the court for a preliminary injunction against U.S. Soccer. The league also has filed an antitrust lawsuit against the federation. The honorable Brodie will rule on both parties’ claims.

The NASL said it won’t moved down to Division 3 league or operated as an unsanctioned league if not granted the injunction.

“It is extraordinarily important,” said the league’s attorney, Jeffrey Kessler, during a conference call with the media Sept. 28. “We need this preliminary injunction or else. Without a Division 2 certification it is not likely the NASL will be able to continue on a going forward basis.”

Kessler added that without Division 2 certification the NASL would “not be able to keep its players, fans, sponsors and arrangements” as it continues it seeks a permanent injunction against U.S. Soccer. That part of the process could take from a year to two years to resolve, he said.

Among the points noted by a letter to the court, U.S. Soccer stated that the claim of “supposed conspiracy” by the NASL concerning U.S. Soccer and Major League Soccer was “nonsensical.” The NASL has claimed there was a conflict of interest between the USSF and MLS.

The USSF said it gave the NASL 30 days to apply for Division III status after it was denied Division II sanction Sept. 1, but the league ignored the deadline.