Jesse Marsch had every reason to be concerned and worried about his soccer team. (Noah K. Murray/USA TODAY Sports)

HARRISON, N.J. — Jesse Marsch could not believe what he had just seen.

His Red Bulls team had just outplayed D.C. United, yet could not hold onto a lead, surrendering the equalizer on an own goal in stoppage time in what turned into a 3-3 deadlock at Red Bulls Arena.

“I just walked in here looking at the stats, and it’s the same story,” the Red Bulls head coach said at the postgame press conference. “Outplaying a team, outshooting them, being more dangerous, but giving away the most ridiculous goals. That’s not lucky. That’s not good enough. So on one level we have a good team. On another level, we’re our own worst enemy. We’re our own worst enemy.”

The Red Bulls haven’t won a game in more than a month, since Aug. 15. They haven’t emerged victorious in the league since Aug. 12. They have a seven-game winless streak in all competitions since then (0-2-5).

Asked if he had a pulse on the team’s breakdowns, Marsch replied, “Yeah, well, I don’t, to be honest. There’s little things tactically that sometimes we can be a little bit better. But, again, we’re commanding every game we play. Every single game we play, we’re pretty much controlling the game the way we want to control it.

“But we have to work so hard for our chances, and then when we do score, it seem like we find ways to literally just give goals away. Until we come up with a better solution that involves dealing better with moments in both boxes, we are going to be continuing to kick ourselves.”

Marsch admitted all these non-wins could start work on the team’s psyche.

“Oh, yeah, of course,” he said. “You could say that game after game. But these guys show up game after game. Game after game they show up and they play, and they give everything they have and then [empty] the tank. That’s why I say you have to admire them. You have to, right? It’s just I’m trying to figure out ways to help them be rewarded for all of the good things that they put into it. So ultimately, that’s my task right now. Got to find a way to empower them to success, yeah.”