The search for a stadium for New York City FC continues, but the Major League Soccer team has at least one person in power who is on the club’s side.

In a recent interview with the Queens Chronicle, Queens Borough Melinda Katz said that if she was re-elected that she would like to see a soccer stadium or hockey arena built in Willets Point.

Katz told the newspaper that that it was “very realistic.”

NYCFC, which plays at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, and the New York Islanders, who play at the Barclay Arena in Brooklyn, are possible tenants.

“I would like to see soccer, at least, at Willets Point, along with affordable housing,” Katz told the Chronicle. “I wish the Islanders would come in. I’m a big advocate for that.

Major League Soccer tried to get a soccer stadium built in Flushing Meadows Corona Park before NYCFC was established, but local groups and residents protested such a project.