Rocco Commisso said U.S. Soccer’s decision was arbitrary and unfair.

By Michael Lewis Editor

Cosmos chairman Rocco Commisso says that he was “shocked” at the U.S. Soccer board of directors refusal to sanction the North American Soccer League as a Division 2 league in 2018 “arbitrary and unfair.”

In a statement released Thursday afternoon, the Cosmos owner said the decision was “artirtary and unfair.”

Commisso, however, did not broach the subject whether he would remain owner of the team beyond this season because he purchased the club due to the fact it was going to be a D2 team in 2017.

He said that he “will do everything within my power to reverse the USSF’s decision.”

Commisso did said the league was “making progress in developing and implementing palns to grow the league and enhance its stability.”