A NEW NAME FOR A NEW TEAM: California United is the new NASL team in 2018

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif. — A North American Soccer League expansion team in California, which will begin playing in 2018, has chosen a name.

Call it California United Football Club.

“It seems like everyone out there is doing things the same way,” said Pete Capriotti, California United FC’s majority owner. “We’re not trying to be a legacy club. We’re going to do things differently, and that will all grow from how we treat our players, putting them at the heart of everything we do here and creating opportunities for them.”

Long Island native Michael Collins, the team’s president and general manager, elaborated.

“The more we thought about who we are and what we want to achieve, the more we kept coming back to that word: ‘United,’ ” he said in a statement.

California United FC, which will unveil its logo and branding in the coming weeks, wants to energize the soccer base in Southern California, creating a unique professional environment where the players come first. Among the club’s aims is an intense focus on player development and scouting.

“A lot of really talented players go off the rails because the support’s not there and life gets in the way,” Collins said. “We want to find these players and give them a fair chance to recalibrate their careers and ambitions at our club.”

Capriotti said that he wants promotion and relegation.

“We believe in promotion and relegation because it means the cream rises to the top,” he said. “Absent of this system we have to do things differently to achieve similar results. This is why we want to create an organization with an open-door policy to the soccer community. We are taking our efforts to the base where soccer culture is vibrant, and truly resides. We’ll be the player-centric and community-oriented option, and we’ll give everyone an honest look. We want to help players fulfill their dreams, and we want local amateur clubs to benefit together with us in this combined endeavor.”