In wake of the an ongoing investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct and hazing, the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy has canceled its men’s soccer team’s season, Newsday reported Tuesday.

Academy superintendent Rear Admiral James Helis, notified the NCAA that it would not play in the fall season. Teams needed to inform college’s governing body by Aug. 1.

The Mariners’ program had been suspended since June.

In a statement, Helis said: “Since team activities remain suspended, the USMMA has notified the NCAA that it will not participate in the 2017 NCAA men’s soccer season. This notification was required to meet the NCAA’s Aug. 1 team participation deadline.”

Seven suspended men’s soccer players face campus disciplinary hearings. Prosecutors say they were sexually abusive toward a freshman player on the team bus last September.

The students have denied the allegations.

Ten of 11 recruits for the fall season are on the Kings Point campus, according to Kim Strong of the U.S. Maritime Administration, which oversees the academy.

Head coach Mike Smolens and his assistant coaches will remain with the university, Strong said.

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