Members of the Red Bulls Street Team entertain the crowd. (Photo courtesy of New Jersey Youth Soccer)

New Jersey Youth Soccer partnered with Just One Soccer League for a Celebration of Soccer, a soccer-themed event that welcomed area kids and the surrounding community at The Waterfront in Newark, N.J. Saturday.

“New Jersey Youth Soccer is really proud of our relationship with Just One Soccer League,” NY Youth Soccer executive cirector Evan Dabby said in a statement. “At the Celebration of Soccer, hundreds of kids came out to enjoy the game in what is its purest form. The kids were just really having a blast, and that is what makes this event so special.”

About 500 recreation players participated in the Celebration of Soccer, which combined soccer activity with education about health and awareness. Each of the young athletes received a giveaway bag also were entertained by performances from members of the New York Red Bulls Street Team.

“The Celebration of Soccer is something we started about 21 years ago,” NJ Youth Soccer recreation commission Nelson Ramirez said. “New Jersey Youth Soccer puts a lot of resources into our recreational program, and our purpose is to bring as much as we can to the kids. Every single one of the coaches who were here donated their time strictly to put a smile on the face of these kids, which is why this event is so rewarding.”

The Celebration of Soccer also continued a relationship between NJ Youth Soccer and Just One Soccer League, which operates with a mission to transform the community by providing a safe and supportive space where children can develop into the leaders of tomorrow.

“On behalf of all the kids and the City of Newark, thank you to New Jersey Youth Soccer for bringing this event to us again,” Just One Soccer League executive director Oscar Rodriguez said. “We have been working with New Jersey Youth Soccer for 21 years, and they help us so much. Events like this are great because we are able to show our appreciation, not only from the kids but also the parents, to our state association.”

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