New Jersey Youth Soccer and the Old Bridge Girls Soccer League have partnered to host a Positive Coaching Alliance workshop.

The workshop was entitled Second-Goal Parent ©: Tips & Tools to Develop Winners in Life Through Sports!

The event was held in Old Bridge, N.J. March 16.

PCA is a national non-profit group that aims to develop better athletes and better people through youth and high school sports. Their workshop in Old Bridge discussed the parents’ role in building a sports culture that honors the game, how to support their child and how they can discuss a game or competition with their children after it occurs. Parents received several tips and tools to help young athletes get the most from playing youth sports.

“New Jersey Youth Soccer is an extraordinarily forward-thinking organization,” said Darrell Johnson, executive director of PCA’s local New York chapter. “By providing PCA’s workshops and other resources to sports parents, NJ Youth Soccer is taking a great step in creating positive impact on youth and the families their organization serves.”

Presented by Randy Nathan, a local trainer for PCA, approximately 50 travel and recreation coaches from the OBGS attended the 30-minute workshop. Coaches and parents outside of the club participated as NJ Youth Soccer extended an invitation to its recreation programs to take advantage of this free member benefit.

“The Second-Goal Parent workshop is one of the many valuable resources that recreation clubs can take advantage of from NJ Youth Soccer,” NJ Youth Soccer director of coach education Rick Meana said. “They are included in their membership with us.”

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