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GUEST COLUMN: Parents, tryouts and growing up

I realize this is maybe a month late and wished I could keep track of all the teams, clubs and leagues and when they had tryout dates. Perhaps what I wish more is that both kids and parents believed once they had tried out and committed to one team, they felt the ethical need to stand by that decision.

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GUEST COLUMN: The tragedy of throw-ins

I never thought I would write about throw-ins. With so many interesting and challenging topics within youth soccer to discuss, I just never thought throw-ins would make it into my monthly coaching article.

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HOW TO BE A HAPPY CAMPER: Finding the correct soccer camp

Trying to find the right soccer camp for your child can entail a lot of hard work. But if you ask the right questions and do the correct research, your son or daughter will definitely enjoy a week or two of their summer vacation and have a pleasant educational experience as well.

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